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I recently launched, a website that is designed to help visitors find good TV shows and Movies to watch on their favorite streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu...

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Litespeed web server caching causes weird caching issues in PHP applications

I wanted to write about a weird caching issue I was having on a new website that I recently set up.  The issue was occurring when I would update data on a page and then expect the updated data to re-appear on the next page load.  For instance, this issue was showing up on an online forum when I would create a new post and then view the board index.  I would expect to see the new post on the board index, however the new post would not appear.  If I did a Control + F5 in my browser the new post would appear.  Additionally, if I waited a few minutes and then reloaded the page, the new post would also eventually appear...

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