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Adding an image picker to CKEditor

I was talking to my parents the other day about my plans for the Rusnak Content Management System when my mom mentioned to me that once I was done working on the CMS that she would want me to make her a small personal website.  This got me to thinking about the possible features of my mom's new website and how she might use the Rusnak CMS to manage her site.

One thing that I realized that she might want to do that isn't all that easy to do is to add an image to a page.  The way CKFinder comes by default it's not easy to add an image to your page without knowing the file path of the image you want to add.  Luckily, however, you can add a plugin to CKFinder to enable you to browse images on the server. 

I decided to add the Image Browser plugin to CKEditor since it would give me a simple way to allow users to pick images off of the server and easily place them on their pages.

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