Servant - An idea that is going to change the web

Recently I came across a project online called Servant that I think is really going to change the way that the web works. The idea behind Servant is that instead of creating your content inside of a service, such as Facebook or Twitter, you create your content inside of Servant, who can then serve your content out to Facebook, Twitter and any other service that wants to hook in to Servant and display your content.

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I recently launched, a website that is designed to help visitors find good TV shows and Movies to watch on their favorite streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu...

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Litespeed web server caching causes weird caching issues in PHP applications

I wanted to write about a weird caching issue I was having on a new website that I recently set up.  The issue was occurring when I would update data on a page and then expect the updated data to re-appear on the next page load.  For instance, this issue was showing up on an online forum when I would create a new post and then view the board index.  I would expect to see the new post on the board index, however the new post would not appear.  If I did a Control + F5 in my browser the new post would appear.  Additionally, if I waited a few minutes and then reloaded the page, the new post would also eventually appear...

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Living Without Adobe Flash

Recently, Youtube announced that it was making HTML5 video playback the default video playback format and that all videos would now be played using HTML5 video technology instead of Adobe Flash where HTML5 video is supported. I took this announcement as an opportunity to disable Adobe Flash Player on my main computer's browser.  The last service I used regularly where I needed Flash ac...

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How to scan your website for malware

Did you know that your website can become infected with malware, just like your computer?  If you run a website, it is important that you keep your website free of malware and that you know how to identify if your site has been compromised with malware or other malicious scripts. Having malware on your website can be bad for your site's visitors as well as for your site's search en...

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How the Great Firewall of China is DDOSing sites here in the USA

If you are familiar with China and their internet, you know that China filters their country's internet access using what is known as the Great Firewall in order to keep their population from seeing web pages that run counter to the wishes of China's government.  Internet users in mainland China are forbidden from accessing many popular western websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

When a user in China tries to access a blocked website, the Great Firewall will send the user's request off somewhere else.  China will funnel requests for a blocked site off to a different IP address unrelated to the blocked site.  It appears that China's firewall chooses these IP addresses at random.  This can cause issues when there is a valid website running at the IP address China sends these blocked requests to.

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Video Roundup - Something to scare you and something to touch your heart

Today I've got two awesome videos to share with you.  I've got one that will scare you and another that will touch your heart.

First up is a creepy video that gives us a glimpse of what social media would look like if it were haunted.  When the dead are on Facebook, they're awfully hard to unfriend...

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Building an Apartment Model Railroad Empire

Model railroading has always been a hobby of mine.  Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with trains.  So, when I finally got my own apartment and had some spare room it was only natural that I would want to build a model railroad.  Some people see a spare bedroom and want to put in something practical, like an office.  I saw a spare bedroom and wanted to put in a train room.

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HTML Emails with Media Queries - Like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole

Recently I had to code a HTML email.  If you have been lucky enough to avoid coding HTML emails, good for you.  If like me, however, you've had to code an email or two you will notice how much different coding an HTML email is compared to coding any modern web page.  Writing an HTML email is like stepping back in time and coding like it's 1999.  Seriously, you have to u...

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Adding an image picker to CKEditor

I was talking to my parents the other day about my plans for the Rusnak Content Management System when my mom mentioned to me that once I was done working on the CMS that she would want me to make her a small personal website.  This got me to thinking about the possible features of my mom's new website and how she might use the Rusnak CMS to manage her site.

One thing that I realized that she might want to do that isn't all that easy to do is to add an image to a page.  The way CKFinder comes by default it's not easy to add an image to your page without knowing the file path of the image you want to add.  Luckily, however, you can add a plugin to CKFinder to enable you to browse images on the server. 

I decided to add the Image Browser plugin to CKEditor since it would give me a simple way to allow users to pick images off of the server and easily place them on their pages.

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